September 18, 2007

Fall TV Preview

Remember when TV Guide wasn't the size of Life Magazine? Remember Life Magazine? Remember when you couldn't wait to crack open that "fall preview" extra thick TV Guide with the new magazine smell and read what great TV shows you would be watching very soon on such networks as CBS, ABC, and NBC?

Those days are gone. The "new fall season" is gone. TV shows start and stop whenever the hell they want to nowadays. There are a gazillion channels with new shows on. Basically what used to be a perfect time for TV hounds like me has become a huge cluster#$%#. I keep asking my boyfriend, "are there any new shows on yet?" It's all very confusing. I long for the old days, but for now, I will make do.

So I've taken all the good stuff and chopped it up into easy to digest bites for you.

You will notice that Lost is suspiciously absent. That's because they aren't showing new episodes until next year! But then they won't split the season so that's a good thing.

New Shows:


Journeyman / NBC / 10pm - Quantum Leap writing? Kevin McKidd (the best thing on "Rome") travels through time. That's really all you need to know. Great actor and the promos look amazing. Starts 9/24.


New Amsterdam / Fox / 8pm - This detective guy is immortal. Or is he? I haven't heard much about this but immortal guy = intrigued. Just learned they moved this to midseason yay "coming soon".

Chuck / NBC / 9pm - Chuck downloads some government secrets or some such directly into his brain, and hilarity ensues I suppose (yawn). People are psyched about this one. For some reason I'm not that excited, but I'll give it a chance. Starts 9/24.

The Reaper / Fox / 9pm - Some slacker guy's soul was sold to the devil by his parents, so now he must serve the Dark One. A dark comedy that could be interesting. I have the feeling that House and Chuck are going to blow this one out of the water. Really bad programming on Fox's part. Starts 9/25.


Pushing Daisies / ABC / 8pm - Ned can bring stuff back to life...or death! Hehe, I get the feeling this one is going to turn into a soap opera. It's so hard to tell with these new shows because they hardly ever live up to the promos. Starts 10/3.

Bionic Woman / NBC / 9pm - Not so much a remake of the 70's TV show as it is an update (way more serious, action packed). Lots of buzz. I saw the pilot at CCSD and was very excited about it. Brought to you by the same people that brought you Battlestar Galactica. But now they've recast the sister and changed up the pilot episode. If they are messing with the original vision, this could be a disaster. Starts 9/26.


Kitchen Nightmares / Fox / 9pm - The US version of the BBC show, headed up by Gordon Ramsay. Okay it's not scifi, but I love cooking shows! Ramsay is the foul-mouthed celebrity chef that also hosted Hell's Kitchen, which I hated. But in Kitchen Nightmares he actually helps people with their failing restaurants. Starts 9/19.


Women's Murder Club / ABC / 9pm - Based on James Patterson's novels which I haven't read. But I loves me some murder mysteries! Four women solving crimes after work? I'm in! Starts 10/12.

Moonlight / CBS / 9pm - Vampire solves crimes. My favorite was seeing the actor interviewed on, I think, TV Guide Channel? He said "this has never been done before." Orly? Angel? Will this be better than Angel? Doubt it. Is it just me or does the whole cast look like little people on the website? Starts 9/28.


Viva Laughlin / CBS / 8pm - Hugh Jackman produced musical drama. Cameo please! Starts 10/21.

Returning Shows:


Heroes / NBC / 9pm - I was excited, then disappointed, then excited with the first season of Heroes. It could have been complete crap. It wasn't, so my hopes rose. Then they fell as the show became slow and the story lagged. But the last few episodes have been encouraging. Looking forward to next season. Starts 9/24.


Bones / Fox / 9pm - I always seem to watch this show in reruns. And its a good, solid show. Funny and smart. And since it's opposite Bionic Woman, I'll probably watch it in reruns again, or start programming the DVR. Starts 9/25


Survivor / CBS / 8pm - Takes place in China this season. From what I understand that's new and cutting edge. Do we see the survivors holed up in some sweatshop making sneakers? Or censored by the government when they post on their blogs? Kidding! Seriously though, I didn't even watch at all last season. Unless Jeff Probst joins the survivors in camp and eats bugs I doubt I'll be watching. Starts 9/20.

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