August 5, 2007

Review: Metal Men #1 (of 8)

I just read this first issue of an eight issue series, Metal Men, from DC. This is a spinoff miniseries from an ongoing series, 52. It's nice to read these miniseries comics because:

  • They are short and confined, so easy to swallow (with your eyes?). Also good for those of us with commitment issues.
  • They usually feature new and upcoming writers and artists trying new things.
  • The backstory isn't as important and you can jump right in.
This is the story of an inventor, and his "metal men" robot inventions (which include two metal "women"). These robots are really superheroes, and fight evil and all that. They also each have their own personalities similar to the metal they are made of (Lead is dense, Mercury is high-strung, etc).

While telling the story within the DC universe, Duncan Rouleau injects a sense of humor into this comic - in his writing and in his drawings. The art has a crisp and jaunty quality that lends itself to his amusing story of Metal Men.

This first issue has me interested, especially because of the art. I'm not sure if I'd continue if not for that. The story is a background for the next issues; it's pleasing, if not addicting. I would recommend picking this up if you are looking for a light superhero comic to read.

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