August 9, 2007

Warner Bros., Whedon, and Wonder Woman

Just got this on Occasional Superheroine - Joss Whedon's take on his fall-out with the Wonder Woman movie project.

I think its more than just WB being "gunshy". They are stuck in the status quo, as are most entertainment executives. Whedon wanted to write a different take on Wonder Woman (not your cookie-cutter superhero movie), that's why they hired him, and that's why they fired him. It happens all the time in Hollywood, "hey kid, we hear you're doing cutting-edge things, you're hired!" Then, "hey kid, you're cutting-edginess doesn't jibe with our vision, sorry."

That combined with Whedon's lack of enthusiasm for writing at that point spelled disaster for the project.

I have to say, if you haven't noticed, I'm a Joss Whedon fan. I look forward to his new projects and I was looking forward to this movie. It's too bad Wonder Woman didn't happen.

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Ben said...

I don't know that Joss was ever the best choice for Wondy. While he's a great writer in general, he didn't seem to know much about this particular character and her history, or care to. It's hard to imagine someone getting the gig making the next Batman movie because they're good at writing white males.

Of course, the sad thing is that it seems not to have been a choice between him and someone better. At least for now, it was either Whedon's movie or none.