August 17, 2007

Furries Scare Me

This chart reminded me of the above mentioned fact just by virtue of printing the word, "furries." *shiver*

I need a shower.

A funny chart though.


Anonymous said...

Unless your only exposure to furries has been through what wholly fictional TV shows like CSI and ER have twisted it to be for entertainment and you believe it as fact, what possible justification could you possibly have for such a rude and prejudiced comment?

KarenR said...

Actually, my only exposure to furries has been through CSI and Disneyland. I've seen enough.

Anonymous said...

You might want to reconsider, as what you know about furries is almost entirely fictional and does not reflect what furries actually are or do.

Aiden_Zhichao said...

just like in rl, furrys have different types of "cultures" i would put it. yes there are some furrys that are scary and some that are not but like in rl there are still some people who are scarded of both white and black people.

also, if your reading this, use this comment wisely, "DO NOT USE THE TV AS A MEANS FOR INFORMATION CAUSE ITS NEVER ACCURATE"

if i had made a show on furrys it would show the both sides, good and bad. I would have shown the extent of what realy makes a furry.

but what im trying to say is, even if you believe furrys are scary and weird, we arnt bad people, i myself am a furry and im a realy nice person. sure im not perfect but i respect a lot of people and love them as well.