August 6, 2007

Dark Horse Signs Monk Creator to Pen Long Lost

Here is the press release.

USA's hit show Monk lends Dark Horse their creator Andy Breckman. Paired with legendary artist Peter Gross, the team delivers Long Lost, a drama full of loss, suspense, and mystery.

I love Monk, the show on USA Network, not the profession. You would be hard-pressed to find more than only a few shows that are smarter, wittier, more character-driven. No, I don't watch every episode but when I see it on, I'll watch it. Just the fact that the creator is going to be involved in a new comic for Dark Horse makes me happy.

I've been craving a good drama/mystery comic and haven't found any recently. I started to get hooked on comics by reading Ruse, published by the now defunct Crossgen (sad). It was a victorian mystery / superhero drama with a touch of comedy. I loved it - so girly. Long Lost seems like it will be a lot darker than that, but still with a sense of humor. So here's hoping that Long Lost will be a new favorite.


stanley said...

look very professional

Yen said...

cool, i like the idea of a woman reading comic