August 9, 2007

Off Topic: I Heart L.A.

This earthquake woke me up at 1:00 in the morning. I was not a happy camper. Especially since I was having some sort of vivid dream and it interrupted my REM or something. It was only a 4.5, but enough to wake me up, not my dog, not my boyfriend (I woke him up anyway, hehe).

For those of you that have not experienced an earthquake before; It feels sort of like an 18-wheeler is barelling down the street, and then an invisible boogey-man proceeds to shake your bed violently for what seems like half an hour, but is more like five seconds.

Anyway, its very disconcerting having something you think is stable and shouldn't move (like, the ground) rattling and rolling like Katherine Hepburn's neck. So I'll try and "shake off" that unrestful night.

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